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Prestashop to Shopify Migration for Maianh Home

Publish at: June 22, 2023 Author: admin

We are pleased to present the project of migrating from Prestashop to Shopify for Maianh Home – one of the successful projects we have undertaken. This article provides an overview of the migration process and the benefits Mai Anh Home has gained after transitioning from Prestashop to Shopify.

Prestashop to Shopify Migration for Maianh Home

Mai Anh Home is a company specializing in high-end furniture and interior decoration products. With a goal to provide customers with exceptional shopping experiences and quality products, Mai Anh Home has confidently built a reputable brand and become a leading destination for those seeking unique and premium interior furnishings.


Prior to partnering with us, Maianh Home was using the Prestashop platform to manage its online store. However, they faced several difficulties and limitations with Prestashop, including an interface that was not mobile-responsive, limited customization capabilities, and challenges in managing products and orders.


After conducting a thorough assessment of Maianh Home’s needs and requirements, we proposed migrating from Prestashop to Shopify. Shopify is a powerful and flexible e-commerce platform that offers advanced features and user-friendly interfaces.

The migration process involved the following key steps:

Requirement analysis: We worked closely with Maianh Home’s team to understand their technical requirements, business goals, and customer experience objectives.

Interface design: We created a responsive and branded interface design for Maianh Home’s online store on Shopify.

Data and product migration: We transferred data from Prestashop to Shopify, including product categories, descriptions, images, and customer information.

Customization and integration: We customized Maianh Home’s online store on Shopify to meet specific requirements and integrated additional tools such as search functionality, payment integration, and order management.

Testing and deployment: We conducted comprehensive testing to ensure the smooth operation and minimal disruptions of the new Shopify-based online store.

Training and support: We provided guidance and training to Maianh Home’s team, enabling them to effectively manage their online store on Shopify.

Results and Benefits:

After completing the migration process, Maianh Home has gained several benefits from transitioning from Prestashop to Shopify, including:

Mobile-responsive interface: Maianh Home’s current online store on Shopify has a responsive interface that is compatible with mobile devices. This facilitates easy access and seamless shopping experiences on smartphones and tablets.

Flexibility and customization: Shopify provides a range of customization tools and utilities, allowing Maianh Home to flexibly adjust and enhance their online shopping experience, including design interfaces, product categorization, and customer interaction capabilities.

Product and order management: Through Shopify, Maianh Home can easily manage products, categories, and orders, saving time and increasing work efficiency.

Technical support: Maianh Home receives continuous technical support from us and the Shopify community, ensuring that their online store operates smoothly and without issues.


The migration project from Prestashop to Shopify for Maianh Home has been successful with evident benefits. Mai Anh Home now has a professional online store with a mobile-responsive interface and efficient product and order management capabilities. We are proud to have collaborated with Mai Anh Home and provided value-added services to their business through this migration project.

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